Sunday, January 21, 2018

Me Too Aftermath....

Firstly: I will say one thing the older I get the less I give a fuck about social norms and the more my own flesh gets gnarly and mouthy:
It seems my body is a field renewing itself even as it composts towards death. My body is the land of my politics, the oasis, that even amidst all the jarring abrasions it has experienced and witnessed it still gets out of the bed in the morning, ready to fight for love on all fronts. My carcass has friends, it knows how to sniff out the sweet folks, the shy, bright, wild ones and bring them on in, it also knows how to rip fork through violence, hatred, oppression and to protect and stand up for love. My dad, in all his wily ways, functional and dysfunctional gave me this: "girl, you watch out for yourself and the ones you love, don't back down", and that is why he taught me how to box as a little girl, how to ride a motorcycle at 11 yrs old, how to drive on a logging road, and how animals and earth are our friends. 
I think my kinfolk would be proud of me, I often feel them standing behind me, holding me up when I feel scared and vulnerable and cheering me on when I step into the ring, in my own way, sometimes howling other times quiet. 
We are beasts, glorious beasts if we allow ourselves to be.

In the aftermath and ongoing unraveling of Me Too let us stand together in a honest place, truth tell, call out, be accountable, strive for compassion and justice, and move forward strong, united!

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