Friday, August 23, 2013

Journeying With Eagles

Dreams all night of flying  eagles, and huge eagle heads looking deeply into my eyes, searching into me, finding me, and holding me with their fierce love and intention. Holding me until I would meet their steady one eyed stare. Amazed, fearful and enraptured,  I met their gaze and was then freed to fly. Huge black wings, dripping with tense freedom. Is this not the truth? To free myself there is that moment, ripping away from what I grip, the rigid self-imposed fist and then the fall, dank, weightless, trembling, equally terrifying and exciting.
I did not rest last night, I journeyed, over and over with these winged creatura's, searing the sky, silently.
Waking tousled with sleeplessness I had the joy of connecting with my dear one Kikki, cuddled like a wolf cub on the back porch, her bed of beauty under the stars. In her wisdom and grace she offered me the Utube link below.
Who knows who we are in-between this world and all the other's? Not I, I am so out of control of the worlds around and in me.
May I be courageous enough to meet them when then arise.
Be well beauties, love fierce, no one can take that away from you. Until we meet in this world or another.

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